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The Wire Magazine

The Wire Magazine Essential Online Radio Stations

The July 2021 issue of The Wire Magazine has a wonderful feature piece on Online Radio called Radio Activity. It features 100 listings of stations and programmes across the world. Many of the stations listed on muso.fm appear in this list unsurprisingly so I decided to compile them into a collection for easy perusal!

Stations for Sleep & Focus. Ambient, Chill and Downtempo. (coming soon)

More and more people are drawn to background music to help them focus, relax or sleep. Ambient drones, nature sounds or plain white noise help mask the stressful sounds of everyday life and normalise the immediate environment of the listener. Working from home can also be filled with distractions, some lofi or downtempo music with or without beats can help you concentrate, give it a try.

Community radio - the spirit of many stations on muso.fm. (coming soon)

Like the open source movement, community radio has a long history and the internet has opened up a whole new audience to them. Volunteer DJs carefully present shows and setlists that no algorithm can match. Underground and indie stations have expanded from local stations limited by geography to online 24/7 stations with the ability to reach every corner of the globe.