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About muso.fm

Muso.fm is a platform to showcase the best that Internet Radio has to offer throughout the globe. Focused on music, it aims to offer users a collection of carefully selected online radio stations that play quality music. It offers search and tag filtering to enable discovery of streaming content to suit everyones taste - be it ambient, dub, techno, reggae, jazz and also grouping by subject like sleep, focus, collections etc.

Working from home the past year has had it ups and downs. Sitting at the laptop all day had me constantly reaching for new fixes of music as I coded or planned. I got tired looking for inspiration on spotify, mixcloud, soundcloud and then revisted the wonderful world of radio. Here in Ireland, FM radio stations are more like marketing companies who sometimes play chart music.

I've had a few favourite internet radio stations preset on my squeezebox - the likes of PBB, FIP and WorldwideFM. I started finding more and more quality stations with real DJs playing amazing music of all genres. The platforms for these stations always focus on geography. For me, the country or location of the station is irrellevant. I just want to find a source of good music selected by people who know their stuff. Turns out there are hundreds of such stations. From community, underground, indie, bedroom DJs all over the world putting their time and money into streaming music 24/7.

I felt the need to create a platform to showcase all these great stations and allow people discover new music and stations based on their interests. Here is muso.fm for you to enjoy. A curated list of the best online radio stations around the globe. You can save your favorites and search or filter by genre or whatever you like. Enjoy.

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